Tours of Ethiopia

Addis Ababa City Tours & Transfers

Day Trips from Addis Ababa

Northern Ethiopia (Historical Routes) Tourist Circuit:

Southern Ethiopia & Tribes of Omo Valley  (Cultural Tour) Tourist Circuit

Eastern Ethiopia Tourist Circuit:  

Western & South-West Ethiopia (Coffee Corner)Tourist Circuit:  

Fixed Festival Packages in Ethiopia:  

Trekking in the Bale Mountains National Park 

Danakil (Dallol) Depression Trekking  

Coffee (Buna) Tour, South and West Ethiopia:

Bird Watching Tour Ethiopia has rightly become one of Africa’s leading birding destinations.

Combined tours of history, culture, wildlife, safari, scenery and adventure Ethiopia is blessed with an abundance of cultural, historical, religious and natural resource of high tourist value.


General Manager, B.A Tourism Management, (University of Gonder) Tourism Teacher, Tour Operator & Tour leader
FANOS Ethiopia Tours
Mobile: + 251 913170579/+251961124591 26696 Code 1000
 Skype: kebmathews

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