Ethiopia Tour 4 – The Simien Mountains

Posted: May 10, 2013 in Ethiopia - the Secret of Africa

Simien Mountains National Park

Phil and Sarah in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Highlands are high.  On the 12 day tour of the country, we never dropped below 1800m – more than 500m higher than Ben Nevis.  The topological highpoint was in the Simien Mountains National Park; our hotel (the highest in Africa) sat at 3260m.  At this height, breathing becomes noticeably harder, it pays to walk slowly and you need to wrap up warm.  Fortunately the local children make nice woolly hats to sell to visitors who come clothed for tropical Africa.

P1060618Simien mist

As Phil leaned over an immense cliff looking for monkey caves, Sarah looked out across at the landscape and the mountains poking up, thousands of feet below us.  It was a surreal experience.  Normally standing on a cliff edge invites shaky legs and an urge to move away.  However, the sheer height of the cliffs made them seem unreal – like looking down from an aeroplane.  It was…

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