Lake Ziway: The Ethiopia Water Bird Spectacle

Posted: May 16, 2013 in Ethiopia - the Secret of Africa

Lake Ziway Acquatic birds

Ethiopian Wanderlust


The Great Pelicans, are the main stars of this astonishing natural live show, which takes place, at one of the freshwater Rift Valley lakes of Ethiopia. To make the spectacle more mesmerizing, many other beautiful water birds accompany the pelicans at Lake Ziway.

Introducing, the eccentric Hammerkop from the Lake Ziway, Ethiopia. Image

The exquisite combination of radiantly white feather, with the glossy black beak is another breathtaking beauty to gaze at, around the lake.  Of course, it is the one and the only, Sacred Ibis.Image

African Marabous are other essences of Lake Ziway.Image

The Yellow Billed Storks too.Image

Here comes the charm of Lake Ziway. The Great EgretImage

In representing all the other little but shinning stars, that the show will not feel complete without them, here are the top 3, and starting with the little gorgeous Green Sand Piper.Image

The fabulous Spur-winged LapwingImage

Last but not least, the dazzling…

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