What is the local food and drink?

Posted: March 31, 2014 in FAQs

Ethiopia’s coffee is it’s main export and always available whether in a coffee ceremony which includes the lengthy process of roasting the beans, grinding them and having them stew three times, or the more modern and very popular Machiato can be bought in all coffee shops.
A wide variety of different dishes are available in Ethiopia and most of them are unique to the country so you have to familiarize yourself first with the names of different dishes. You can choose from the spicy and hot Doro Wot, Kitfo, or Key Wot to less spicy dishes like Alicha Wot you can get these foods virtually anywhere in the country and portions are generous and very cheap. Injera is eaten with almost every meal, a large pancake shaped bread with a sour taste it is used to pick up the food you are eating. There are also homemade local drinks for you to choose from; Araki- a strong alcoholic beverage made from millet and maize similar to Gin, Tej – a mead like drink made from honey , Tela – locally brewed beer from maize, wheat and barely and Gudar- the Ethiopian wine.

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