Ethiopia’s capital and surroundings in 72 hours

Posted: April 9, 2014 in Ethiopia - the Secret of Africa
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Addis Ababa Ethiopia Capital

By Guest Contributor Rhys Williams (@Swilone) 

‘Its not like the 1980’s anymore’ is a typical preamble that travel books make about Ethiopia – no more Time Magazine covers about famine. Certainly when you pass through arrivals at Addis Ababa’s Bole international airport you get the sense of the vibrant ambition of this country. The airport’s glass facade lets so much light in that its is one of the impression that lingered with me the most about my trip – that Addis Ababa is bathed in a golden ‘shimmer’ and the sheer vastness of its sky is unforgettable. Ethiopia’s capital lies 7,546 feet, and has a subtropical highland climate giving the place a unique feel, different and somehow ‘fresher’ than say Kenya’s climate, the other African country I have visited.

Addis 7

A short taxi ride into town that involved the usual conversation of  ‘yes I’m from England’ (I’m Welsh), and yes I…

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