Ethiopia is well known all over the world for its coffee. But how do the people in the Omo valley of this beautiful country enjoy the drink they are so famous for? As coffee is grown in the green hills of the Aari, Dime and Maale mountains, people have direct access to the coffee plant and all of its products. And they use more than just the coffee beans. People also use the leaves of the coffee pant to make tea to which they add ginger, several local spices and salt. In the lowlands of Omo Valley most people use the shells of the coffee beans to make tea. This tea is very light and people drink a lot of it, and in so doing they take in lots of liquid. The different products of the coffee plant drinks made from them explain the variety of objects that are related to coffee found in the Omo Valley. The pots for coffee and for tea made of coffee leaves are rather small (the coffee leaf tea being nearly as stimulating as regular coffee). The pots and drinking vessels used by people for making and drinking the tea of the coffee shells are comparatively huge. For more information please visit us at      


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