Gourds in Omo Valley

Posted: May 19, 2014 in Omo Valley

Gourds are planted all over South Omo and the containers and eating utensils made from them are used for various purposes: Large gourds are used to carry water and beer, smaller ones as containers for honey, milk or butter: gourd bowls are used as drinking and eating vessels.

After a gourd is brought from the field, it is put aside to dry. After its outside haredend and the inside rotted, it can be cut and made into a container. At that time it has a yellowish color that turns reddish after being used and rubbed with butter for a long time. Gourds are usually hang up in the ceilings of houses and therefore their color also changes from being smoked daily by the fire of the fire place.

While most gourds like water, beer or honey containers are not decorated gourds for special occasions or for certain people are prepared with much effort. For example the two beautifully decorated gourds from Arebore on the opposite page are made by lovers for their sweethearts, while the gourd that is decorated with burnt ornaments is only used by brides and bond friends in Maale. For more information please visit us at http://www.fanosethiopiatours.com/Image


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