A. National Museum – the 3.18 year hominid “Lucy “ is seated,
You will find an original skeleton of famous Lucy – Australopithecus afarenisis, (Dinkenesh in Amharic) one of our oldest ancestors and an interesting archaeological exhibition with bones of extinct animals.

B. Entoto Mountains
The Eucalyptus trees covered Entoto Mountains which surround Addis Ababa has a impressive view on the city and the sunset.
Also the site of Emperor Menelik’s former capital and the Octagonal Entoto Maryam Church. The museum in the compound contains a large collection of religious garb, crowns and crosses dating from the Emperor.

C. Ethnological Museum
The beautiful anthropological museum housed at Emperor Haile Selassie Palace. A permanent exhibition of culture and habits of many Ethiopian tribes, arranged “from cradle to grave”; traditional musical instruments, including their sounds, ancient Ethiopian art etc.

D. Holy Trinity and St. Giorgis
The Holy Trinity and St. Giorgis, which are famous for their historical & spiritual decoration and treasures.

E. Merkato
It is worth to visit Merkato “the biggest open air market of Africa” where tourists never want to miss in Addis Ababa.

F. Art galleries
In Addis Ababa historical and contemporary artistic accomplishments are displayed in galleries such as the Asni gallery, St. George Interior Decoration & Art Gallery and Makush Gallery.

G. Shopping Tour
Addis Ababa offers a great shopping experience with its shopping districts and streets. The main shopping districts in Addis Ababa are Piazza, the area around Churchill Avenue, Shiro Meda.

H. Cultural Restaurant with Live Music & Dance
YOD Abyssinia & Habesha 2000 traditional restaurant where you will taste Ethiopian food & drinks with a live music & dance.

Starting from 50 USD Per persons

FANOS Ethiopia Tours

Your gateway to visit Ethiopia





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