5 Things you should do in Arba Minch

Posted: November 17, 2015 in Ethiopia - the Secret of Africa, Southern Ethiopia
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  1. Nech Sar National Park
    The key attraction in Arba Minch, with an area of 514 square kilometers. NechSar Park includes both Lakes and grasslands, but is dominated by thick forest and bushlands. The park is an African wonderland, where visitors can easily come across gazelles, Zebras and Baboons. The park is also home to many endemic birds, including Kingfishers, Storks, Pelicans, Flamingos and Fish Eagles.Burcells Zebra Nech Sar Ethiopia fanos ethipia Tours
  2. Crocodile Market on Lake Chamo
    Much like the temporary day markets that are common in Ethiopia, the Crocodile Market is a daily event on Lake Chamo where crocs similarly get together to see and be seen. A trip to this market is also a good chance to spot hippos, fish and birds.Crocodile Market on Lake Chamo
  3. Crocodile Ranch
    The Crocodile Ranch was established in 1984 by the government of Ethiopia to sustainably maintain the wild croc populations. It lies on an area of 3 hectare of land. Feeding usually happens on Monday and Thursdays and is not to be missed.
  4. Forty springs
    Believed by local to carry scared healing properties, the Forty Springs located in NechSar Park are the natural wonder that gave Arba Minch its name. Come dip in the pure waters in these lush natural surroundings.
  5. Dorze Village
    The Dorze people are perhaps best known for their huts in the shape of elephant heads to remind everyone that elephants used to walk among them. Dorze Village is a beautiful drive up the Guge Mountains and welcomes guests to come see and experience their traditional way of life and crafts. Their talent in weaving has lead the name of their village to become synonymous with the best in woven cotton cloth.FANOS Ethiopia Tours – Your getway to visit Ethiopia offers Omo

    Dorze huts Southern Ethiopia

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