A Short “Qurs” on Ethiopian Breakfast

Posted: January 8, 2016 in Ethiopia - the Secret of Africa

Ethiopian Food

Ethiopian Food ♦ Mesob Across America

HE FIRST QUESTION TO ASK about an Ethiopian breakfast is this: On the day after you have a big Ethiopian dinner, will you even be hungry the next morning?

But let’s say you are. What do you eat? What do Ethiopians have for breakfast?

The morning meal is called qurs in Amharic, the state language of Ethiopia. It’s kursi in Tigrinya, ciree in Afaan Oromo, quraac in Somali, teginzir in Gurage, and in Afar, you can call it qeerakalo, quus or miidi. My Mursi dictionary doesn’t have a word for it, but bbhele tila means “morning food,” so I guess that will have to do.

Now that we know what to call it in various parts of Ethiopia, what does it look like and taste like, and how do we make it?

In many ways an Ethiopian breakfast is just like an American breakfast: There are various forms of…

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