A New Approach to visit Ethiopia

Posted: February 26, 2016 in Ethiopia - the Secret of Africa, Tour Itineraries of Ethiopia
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In many tourist destinations, at this time with direct independent internet access to the marketing and booking opportunities, most experienced travelers no longer use tour operator services. In Ethiopia this is not the case.

Little tourist information, unavailable breakdown services for cars, dangerous roads, and little tourist infrastructure places the tourist industry firmly in the hands of the tour operator. Tour operators even dominate the car hire market, as this is part of their service, and tourists have no choice, they need to hire the driver. It is a fact that the tour operator in the Ethiopian tourism sector has an unusually strong position.

A few tour operators are responding to the niche market by promoting genuine ecotourism, carving out new routes, and trying sustainable practices where possible.

The quality of the tour product falls within the cost framework decided by the client often depends on a chain of a few individual service providers; the tour operator who plans the itinerary, buy/rents equipment for a certain standard of comfort, and the staff he employs. The actual attractions of the tour have little variation for the majority of operators.

Tour operators have developed the product, presented people and destinations based on available resources and their understanding of tourist expectation. The well-being of destinations communities or their environment has not always been seen as important.

As prepaid tours often leave fewer possibilities for economic interaction between tourists and host – as the tourist believes everything has been paid for, and tour operators often, due to try and reduces their costs by paying minimal fees to local communities.

As a result, FANOS Ethiopia Tours www.fanosethiopiatours.com launches an alternative (sustainable) community tourism starting from March, 2016. We believe community participation is important to the long term existence of the tourism destinations. We arrange, facilitate and organize a tour whereas our local agents in each destination get the fair payment for services.

Discover different ways of life; explore historical sites and every day modern culture. Meet the local people and experience new customs and cuisines of Ethiopia.

Participation of host communities provides partnerships which improves the quality of life for communities, improves the tourist experience, and provides better long term business opportunities for all. It is a win-win situation.

Contact us at info@fanosethiopiatours.com




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