Land of Punt and Pre-Aksumite Civilisation (3500-2000 B.C.)

Posted: May 25, 2016 in Ethiopia - the Secret of Africa
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The region now comprising Ethiopia and Eritrea is believed to have formed part of the ancient Land of Punt, a land that traded with the Egyptian pharaoh’s for many thousands of years.

Valuable commodities such as gold, myrrh, ivory and slaves were exported from the coast to the north. There were strong contacts between the peoples of now Ethiopia and Eritrea and the inhabitants of southern Arabia across the Red Sea and the whole region saw much migration. The cultural significance of this was enormous. First of all, a number of Afro-Asiatic languages emerged, among which Ge’ez, which is studied by Christian priests in Ethiopia to this day.

A remarkable civilisation came to see the light in the Horn of Africa, with strong southern Arabian influences. At first, it was just a small number of settlements benefiting from it and the culture developed from within into an African version and spread its influence.

The most famous relic of these times is the extraordinary stone ‘temple’ of Yeha, close to Axum. Thought to date to between 800-500 B.C., it was probably Ethiopia’s very first capital city.


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