Sunday in Addis Ababa; Worshipping at Apostolic Church, Born free & Boeing Cafe and Cultural exchange & dinner with local people

Posted: June 5, 2016 in Tour Itineraries of Ethiopia
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You will have an early breakfast, and then you will drive to Apostolic church of Ethiopia (Saris branch or Gofa Head office church). The Apostolic believes Jesus is God! Jesus is the savior! You will listen the Song of Choir blessing Jesus & the Words of God, eventually meet the pastor & ask the doctrine.  Get blessed! You will have lunch in Addis Ababa.

After having lunch & a brief break you will drive to Born Free (30 Km West of Addis Ababa Holeta Wildlife Preservations known as Ensessat kotteh which means Animal Foot Print in Amharic where you can easily see Lions, Cheetahs, Gelada baboons, five ordinary specious of baboons, 20 tortoises and different bird species) is found at the densely populated woodland that encompasses the town. In your way back to Addis Ababa make a stop at Boeing Café (an older Ethiopian Boeing aircraft used as café) for tea/coffee.

Early in the evening join one of our family members for cultural exchange eventually dinner at home with elders & children where you will share history, culture, tales, legends & anecdotes.   Later drive to your hotel.

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