Trips to Ethiopia

Posted: June 5, 2016 in Tour Itineraries of Ethiopia
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Timket (Ethiopian Epiphany) Festival at Gonder; January 20, 2015

Timket (Ethiopian Epiphany), which falls on the 20thof January, is the day when Christians celebrate the baptism of Christ. It’s a three-day festival and all the ceremonies are conducted with great pomp.

Genna (Ethiopian Christmas) Festival at Lalibela; January 8 Genna (Ethiopian Christmas) officially known by the Church as Baal Lidet (Ethiopian Christmas) is on the 7th of January.

The Ethiopian name for Christmas is Genna, which comes from the word Gennana (eminent) and expresses the coming of the Lord to free mankind of its sins. Genna is also the name of a hockey-like game which is said to have been played by the shepherds when they heard of the birth Christi. Men and boys in villages now play the traditional Genna game with great enthusiasm in the late afternoon of the Christmas day – a spectacle much enjoyed by village communities and elders. Genna begins early in the day, around 6 AM, when people gather in churches for mass.

Kulubi Gabriel Festival on December 29, 2015 including a visit to Harar and Dire Dawa

The festival on December 29 commemorates the miracle in which the children were spared from the burning fire and the king realized the might of God and allowed the children to worship their God. Whereas the other festival on July 26 commemorates the intercession of the same Archangel to spare devoted Christians from another brutal punishment involving boiling water.


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