Why the Ethiopian Calendar gives special consideration to the days of Pagume (the thirteen month of the Ethiopian Calendar).

Posted: September 6, 2016 in Ethiopia - the Secret of Africa
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Ethiopian Christians observe Pagume by rinsing themselves in the holy water. They believe that it rids them of all ailments and cures theme from all kinds of diseases and evil spirits and sanctifies them before the coming of Christ.

The third day of Pagume, miracles related to the Archangel Raphael are commemorated. This day Pagume 3 is called Finote Semay, roughly translated ‘road to heavens’. Therefore, the rain that falls on this day is considered holy, blessing of the Christians and protects them from illness and bad fortune. On this day we can see children rinsing in the rain. Women add drops of the sacred rainwater to their dough as they believe that the injera and beat will be blessed. The Archangel Raphael is said to have performed a number of miracles on this day that the day is celebrated with special vivacity in the churches dedicated to the Angel.


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