Histoircal Bulding in Addis

Historical Buildings in Addis Ababa
A brief account of the presence of foreign communities in Addis Ababa since the time of Menelik will help to understand and identify the different cultural influences that have contributed to the city’s architecture.
The Armenians, Indian (specially Indian-Muslims), and Greek community influences on the architecture style highly visible on the old part of the city; Arat Kilo, Amist Kilo, Sidist Kilo, and Pissa.
Addis Ababa is a museum of many historic houses. Some of them dated to the establishment of Addis Ababa itself. Many of them had been residences of the most well known personalities and the rest are public institutions. The following are the among the popular old house in Addis Ababa;

Taitu Hotel
Located at Piassa near to the National lottery
The first modern hotel in the country built in 1907 and owned by Queen Taitu, was also known as Etegue Hotel.
It still serves as a hotel
Designed by the Armenian Minas Kherbekian
The building’s present design is still the original and is characterized by a two-tier roof and by verandas running all round the two floors.

The Residence of Ras Biru Wolde Gabreiel
Originally, it was the residence of Ras Biru, Defense Ministre of Menelik II
Now, it is served as a museum and known as Addis Ababa Museum

The Residence of Illg (Swiss Engineer and famous advisor of Menelik II)
Located around Sheik Khojele village
It was used as a school before the foundation of Menelik II school at Arat Kilo
It was also used as a residence of Illg

Residence of Bitwoded Haile Giorgis
Situated near Menelik II square in Pissa
It was the residence of Bitwoded Haile Giorgis Agidew, Minister of Trade and Foreign Affairs during the reign of Menelik II.
It was also used as the first municipality.
At present, it is used as the court of Arada district

The Residence of Sheik Khojele
It was use as the Residence of Sheik Khojele, governer of Assosa Region in the time of Menelik II.
It is foundat Gulele city-centre and currently part of the house serve as school.

The Residence Dejach Wube Atnafsege
It was used as the residence of Dejach Wube Atnafsege, one of the Emperor Menlik great officials
It was also served as a military head quarter during the Italian five years occupation.
At present, it is used as a restaurant and known as Addis Ababa Restaurant

Menelik II School
It was the 1st modern school in Ethiopia, built in 1908.
At present, the school retains its former name and is used as a senior secondary school.

Menelik II Hospital
It is the first hospital in the country
It was built in the place where members of the Red Cross Association camped to treat the Ethiopia war victims during the battle of Adowa.

Source: http://www.fanosethiopiatours.com/


  1. Biny says:

    it is not descriptive.Better to use relevant sources from scholars.For example Sheik Khojele was governor of Benishangul not only during the time of Menilik but also he was governor of that region until his death in 1938


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