Belgian Tourist tour to Awash Park & Omo Valley

Posted: May 25, 2016 in

we traveled together with another couple for more than 15 days in Ethiopia, mainly the southern areas.
Our briefing input to Keb was pretty demanding:
we like to take pictures, we like to explore and visit authentic places, and we would like to get a very good understanding of the tribal people in the South”.


Keb was not only able to marry all our requests, he was an excellent guide who was able to share the right information in a more then pleasant way.
He did a great job, together with our driver Zeme.
A very positive team, always willing to explore and change the program, with only one objective: deliver great, not to mention outstanding customer delight.
Culture, food and nature, we got a pretty good idea about the richness of this country.
We discovered them all in a very attractive way.

We can firmly recommend „Fanos Ethiopia Tours” to everybody who would like to discover Ethiopia in a „personal” way.

Dirk and Myriam Jacxsens, Belgium, July – August 2014

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